Poster Sketches

Here, again, are some of my VERY ROUGH sketches, this time for the poster design. As stated before I want to stick with focusing on the typography and making it a text driven design (as my sketching is awful!) , so the first one is my favorite version right now. I’m going to use three different type faces, for each phrase on the poster (‘wash your hands, ‘it could’ and ‘save your life’). My intention is for the variety of the text to grab the viewer’s attention. I think a bold background color (not shown in the sketches here) will catch their eye as well as the ‘germs’ on the ‘hands’, or I may just use the space and leave it white…

washhands1 washhands3 img-924141304-0001 4

washhands10 washhands5washhands2washhands6washhands7washhands8washhands9

Poster Inspiration

Here are pics that I drew inspiration from for my poster design. I chose the client that needs a ‘Wash Your Hands’ poster, which will be seen in restaurants and/or commercial stores, most likely in the kitchen and/or restrooms. There were no other special requests or limitations from this client, so this leaves the designer’s desires wide open. I think I will focus on typography for the design, mainly because I can’t draw that well (and the ice cream logo design was quite a challenge)! The tag line to ‘wash your hands’ will be ‘it could save your life’.  I googled ‘germs found on hands’ and may incorporate that into the design as well.

washhands3 typedrivenwashhands1 visualdrivenwashhands2 textdrivenUnknown-1

Ice Cream Logo Sketches

Here are my first very ROUGH draft sketches for my ice cream truck logo. I CANNOT DRAW AT ALL, so I’m hoping these will look better after being created in Illustrator! Sticking with the client’s desires to elude to ice cream in a box, and to have a box incorporated on a truck as main focal points, I am thinking I will have scoops of ice cream,  or mini ice cream cones, coming out of a box on the truck. I will adhere to the client’s desire to have only 3 colors (1 for the ice cream, one for the truck, and one for the box). I am still not sure if I will use a more square traditional truck, or a whimsical, fun one, we shall see! I am worried that the truck will not be large enough to show the details when we have to create the stationary set (business card, letterhead, and envelope). Also thinking about changing the name to Decadence Drops…


Ice Cream Logo Inspiration

Here are the pics that I thought were in line with what the client wanted as far as a logo for the ice cream truck company. The box of ice cream is actually from the ‘Paradis’ website that where the client stated they got their ‘ice cream in a box’ concept from. I like the ice cream truck that looks like an upside down scoop of ice cream, but this may be difficult to recreate in Illustrator! Overall, my inspiration came from various  traditional ice cream truck designs. The last jpeg shows the sorbet colors I plan to use in my design, the client requested only 3, I think I will use peach, mint, and pink (sorbet colors). The tentative name right now will be Ice Cream Cargo…

ice-cream-truckMODERNking-kone-twitter-iconiceCreamTruckWHIMSYparadis icecreamboxsorbet colors