In regards to fulfilling the ‘clients” needs, I think more details were needed for both design requests and that the more you have to begin with leads to a more effective design. While I know these scenarios are quite realistic, the lack of detail made the initial part of the design process a bit of a challenge.

Having said that, I did try to incorporate as many of the principles and elements of design as I could into each project. While I think simplicity is best, I think I successfully created images that would ‘pop’ for the viewer and that were unforgettable.

The logo and stationary project was very challenging as it was one of our first creations with Illustrator! While the client did provide a bit more detail than the poster client, I feel their desires were very limiting, which made creativity or variety options very small. I think the items they wanted within the logo were very difficult to mesh together.

With the poster project I wanted it to be text focused, but also image driven by using shapes within the text.  The focal point is the word ‘wash’ with everything else supporting that text/image. I wanted to create a whimsical kind of message, something simple, but that would stand out, as these type of posters are something we’ve seen many times before, all over. I truly feel  that I captured what the client wanted using the basic principles of design.

In hindsight, I feel really accomplished in regards to how much I have learned in this class, (even though I still have a long way to go until I’ve mastered Illustrator)!  Overall, I am eager to continue my studies and I look forward to learning as much as I can in the graphic design field.

Poster Inspiration

Here are pics that I drew inspiration from for my poster design. I chose the client that needs a ‘Wash Your Hands’ poster, which will be seen in restaurants and/or commercial stores, most likely in the kitchen and/or restrooms. There were no other special requests or limitations from this client, so this leaves the designer’s desires wide open. I think I will focus on typography for the design, mainly because I can’t draw that well (and the ice cream logo design was quite a challenge)! The tag line to ‘wash your hands’ will be ‘it could save your life’.  I googled ‘germs found on hands’ and may incorporate that into the design as well.

washhands3 typedrivenwashhands1 visualdrivenwashhands2 textdrivenUnknown-1images

Ice Cream Logo Inspiration

Here are the pics that I thought were in line with what the client wanted as far as a logo for the ice cream truck company. The box of ice cream is actually from the ‘Paradis’ website that where the client stated they got their ‘ice cream in a box’ concept from. I like the ice cream truck that looks like an upside down scoop of ice cream, but this may be difficult to recreate in Illustrator! Overall, my inspiration came from various  traditional ice cream truck designs. The last jpeg shows the sorbet colors I plan to use in my design, the client requested only 3, I think I will use peach, mint, and pink (sorbet colors). The tentative name right now will be Ice Cream Cargo…

ice-cream-truckMODERNking-kone-twitter-iconiceCreamTruckWHIMSYparadis icecreamboxsorbet colors